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Plastic reduction

What is “SUPP’s” and why is plastic packaging being banned?

SUPP’s stands for ‘Single-Use-Problematic Plastics’ – this largely includes plastic materials which are unnecessarily added to packaging, difficult to collect through existing infrastructure (e.g kerbside recycling) and hard to recycle. Plastic means a polymer material to which additives or substances may have been added and includes biodegradable, compostable and oxo-degradable plastics*.

Here are some examples of how PaperPak provides you with SUPPs information and suitable product options.

Governments and organisations around the world recognise that Single-Use-Problematic Plastics (SUPP’s) should be phased out due to their potentially negative impact on the environment. 

PaperPak is committed to reducing and eliminating unnecessary plastics, by staying ahead and complying with Single-Use-Problematic Plastics (SUPP’s) legislations around the world.  

Working with some of the world’s biggest brands and utilising the Sustainable Packaging Guidelines (SPGs), PaperPak’s dedicated product designers specialise in designing plastic packaging replacements with fit-for-purpose fibre-based alternatives.  

PaperPak encourages reusable packaging such as carry bags, however where this isn’t viable, PaperPak encourages the use of recyclable or compostable alternatives that won’t cost the earth.

Sustainable Packaging Choices

New Small Luxe Carry Bag

Item: C234S0001

AUD 105.00 / Carton (100) | AUD 1.05 EA

New Small Luxe Carry Bag

Item: C234S0010

AUD 100.00 / Carton (100) | AUD 1.00 EA

New Medium Luxe Carry Bag

Item: C288S0001

AUD 125.00 / Carton (100) | AUD 1.25 EA

New Large Luxe Carry Bag

Item: C577S0010

AUD 140.00 / Carton (100) | AUD 1.40 EA

What does plastic reduction mean?

Several plastics pacts globally are aiming to eliminate, reduce and transition away problematic and/or unnecessary single-use plastic packaging. Some single-use-plastic materials are challenging to recover and recycle or compost today due to their composition.