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Create the perfect packaging solution.

At PaperPak we have a comprehensive range of products to help you find your perfect packaging solution. With 300 ready-made products, we can also customise your products to carry your brand further. Our range includes a variety of bags, cartons, tissue and wrapping paper and accessories. 

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PaperPak Tissue Paper

Waxed Tissue Paper is here.

Our new waxed tissue paper has a premium finish making it perfect for wrapping floral bouquets. Also ideal for items that contain moisture like soaps, candles and gift baskets, a slightly shiny wax coating helps to resist moisture and keep your items protected and well presented.

New colours in stock

New colours in stock

Our new seasonal colours include blush pink, teal, mandarin, grey and navy. Our complete petite bag range is now available in these colours as well as some larger paper twist handle bag sizes including #16, #18 and #22 Short.

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We have the right handle option for you

We have the right handle option for you

We have a range of handle options to suit your needs. These include flat fold, paper twist, rope handles, die-cut and ribbon. Our carry bags are high quality and can hold up to 13kg. We also have gift bags and flat bags, giving you the flexibility to find your perfect packaging solution. 

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