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Carrying Your Brand Further

We understand the pressure to transition to sustainable products for all facets of your business, all while trying to grow your brand. We also recognise that Australian Made resonates with your customer base.

Our dedicated Sustainability experts can help you navigate what packaging solutions comply with legislation. We combine this with our expertise in helping brands on their growth trajectory, all while offering Australian made retail packaging. 

So, when you partner with Paperpak, our sustainability experts and Australian made packaging will carry your brand further.


Sustainable packaging is undoubtedly the future, but we understand the pathway to that future is inconsistent, uncertain and anything but clear. 

That’s where our sustainability experts comes in, ensuring you have sustainable solutions fit for an evolving regulatory environment through 2025 and beyond. 

It means sustainable choices today and the peace of mind you’ll be ready for whatever tomorrow brings.

Supply Chain

The bigger your business gets, the bigger the disruption when something unexpected occurs. 

That’s why we’ve deliberately built a global production network. With owned manufacturing in seven countries, supply contingency across every product category and a dedicated global sourcing team.

So, when you partner with PaperPak, you can rest assured packaging will never be your weakest link. 

Your Local Partner

We know how frustrating it can be to deal with an overseas supplier, who is in a different time zone and doesn’t speak your local language. 

That’s why at Paperpak, we’re Australian-owned and operated, meaning you’ll always deal with a local packaging expert. We also have Australian manufacturing capabilities from Australian materials. 

So, when you partner with us, rest assured you’ll get the service your brand deserves. 

New Duo #80 Flat Fold Handle Bag

Item: C886S0001

AUD 140.32 / Carton (200) | AUD 0.70 EA

New Duo #22 Short Milan Paper Twist Handle Bag

Item: C499S0001

AUD 171.08 / Carton (200) | AUD 0.86 EA

New Recycled #22 Short Matilda Paper Twist Handle Bag

Item: C598S0349

AUD 135.00 / Carton (200) | AUD 0.68 EA

New Medium Luxe Carry Bag

Item: C288S0010

AUD 120.00 / Carton (100) | AUD 1.20 EA

New Small Luxe Carry Bag

Item: C234S0001

AUD 105.00 / Carton (100) | AUD 1.05 EA

New Scribbles BL Wrapping Paper 50M Roll

Item: E662S0448

AUD 49.00 / Each (1) | AUD 49.00 EA


Item: F379S0001A

AUD 54.93 / Pack (1) | AUD 54.93 EA


Item: F379S0117

AUD 54.93 / Pack (1) | AUD 54.93 EA

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