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Waste Collection Circularity

Why are there so many different types of waste collection bins? How does this help with circular economy?

To keep litter out of the environment, clear on pack labelling and instructions for packaging disposal is critical to waste collection circulatory.

Learn more about on product Labelling

PaperPak understands the complexity of materials recovery through waste collection and understands that regionally this is different in almost every circumstance where ‘a one solution fits all’ end of life won’t work for every customer. 

Generally, all councils or districts offer a general waste kerbside bin and recycling kerbside bin. Additionally, some councils and districts offer commercial composting or green waste kerbside bins.

These collection streams, amongst others such as used battery and electronics, are important to support correct waste separation so waste stays out of the environment and keeping valuable materials in circulation.

PaperPak offers a wide range of packaging options for recycling and certified composting, providing packaging products that are responsible by design.  

Sustainable Packaging Choices

#1 Small Gift Bag

Item: C385S0001

AUD 101.62 / Carton (500) | AUD 0.20 EA

#3 Medium Gift Bag

Item: C286S0137

AUD 150.00 / Carton (500) | AUD 0.30 EA

#3 Medium Gift Bag

Item: C286S0263

AUD 150.00 / Carton (500) | AUD 0.30 EA

#3 Medium Gift Bag

Item: C286S0417

AUD 150.00 / Carton (500) | AUD 0.30 EA

What does waste collection mean?

Waste collection refers to kerbside and commercial bin collection. Circularity refers to where a waste collection streams material has a high-end market value and demand to be re-processed or recycled into new items