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Fibre source

How can considering fibre source and fibre type help you preserve natural resources?

To preserve natural resources, businesses need to make informed decisions on the type of and source of materials used to make their packaging products.

Here are some examples of how PaperPak provides you with sustainable choices for fibre sources that preserve natural resources.

Detmold, the manufacturing arm of PaperPak, has PEFC and FSC™ certification across all manufacturing plants globally. As part of our commitment to sustainable and ethical sourcing, PaperPak can work with customers to provide a range of packaging with either FSC™ or PEFC certified products. This allows customers to trace the product back to its raw fiber source using a specific invoicing code.

Key Suppliers are audited annually in person, guaranteeing all tree fibre materials are from responsibly managed, sustainable sources, which contain no illegal, controversial or old-growth fibre. 

Paper & board from tree-fibre achieves the highest recycling rate of any other material globally*, and PaperPak prioritises using materials which contain recycled content where possible, building a viable circular economy and re-use for tree-fibre.    


Sustainable Packaging Choices

Best Seller Recycled #75 Flat Fold Handle Bag

Item: C858S0009

AUD 108.13 / Carton (200) | AUD 0.54 EA

C346S0010B__PAPERPAK_#80_FLAT_FOLD_HANDLE_BAG_NATURAL_FLAT_DS Recycled #80 Flat Fold Handle Bag

Item: C784S0009

AUD 122.60 / Carton (200) | AUD 0.61 EA

Recycled #40 Flat Fold Handle Bag

Item: C830S0009

AUD 108.25 / Carton (250) | AUD 0.43 EA

Recycled #70 Flat Fold Handle Bag

Item: C879S0009

AUD 101.00 / Carton (200) | AUD 0.51 EA

What does fibre source mean?

Fibre refers to natural fibres (such as wood pulp, bamboo, bagasse etc.) and recycled content materials (such as recycled copy paper, newspaper & cardboard). Source refers to the origin and supply chain of materials.

China: FSC™ C122524 and PEFC/01-32-364  
Australia: FSC™ C129148 and PEFC/ 21-31-300