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Stylish gift wrapping ideas for Mother's Day

Stylish gift wrapping ideas for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is on Sunday May 8 and to help inspire you with your gift wrapping, we've put together our favourite wrapping ideas using PaperPak products. Your gifts will be so beautifully wrapped that mum won't want to open them! Here are our top suggestions:

Wrapping paper & jute string

Classic and timeless. Select from our new Australian designed and produced wrapping paper range, available in a variety of designs, colours and finishes. Each roll is 50 metres long and made with high quality paper. Give your gift a final, personalised touch with our jute string. Jute string has a rustic, minimalistic feel and pairs perfectly with most wrapping paper and tissue.

Sale Pink Wrapping Paper 50M Roll

Item: E662S0137

AUD 24.50 AUD 49.00 / Each (1) | AUD 24.50 EA

Wedgewood Wrapping Paper 50M Roll

Item: E662S0384

Price on enquiry / Each (1)

Sale Sky Wrapping Paper 50M Roll

Item: E662S0382

AUD 24.50 AUD 49.00 / Each (1) | AUD 24.50 EA

Create a gift box

Have a few different gifts you'd like to include? Choose one of our 100% recycled mailing packs, fill it with tissue paper and carefully place your gift(s) in the box and seal it closed. You might like to decorate the box with one of our oval or star labels. This is a great option for eCommerce orders.

100% Recycled Small Mailing Pack

Item: Q903P1197

AUD 30.25 / Carton (25) | AUD 1.21 EA

100% Recycled Medium Mailing Pack

Item: Q903P1198

AUD 78.25 / Carton (25) | AUD 3.13 EA

Star Label

Item: Y994S8000

AUD 46.86 / Carton (500) | AUD 0.09 EA

Oval Label

Item: Y994S8005

AUD 46.86 / Carton (500) | AUD 0.09 EA

Place tissue in a carry bag

Carry bag + tissue paper = quick and sustainable gift wrapping solution. While this is an efficient way to wrap your gifts this Mother's Day, there are a few tricks to making your gift look elegant and professional: 

1. Open each sheet of tissue paper completely. This will give the tissue more volume and make the carry bag look full. Tip: Use a flat surface such as a table or bench.

2. Next, line the bottom and sides of the carry bag and arrange the sheets of tissue paper so they extend out the top of the bag.

3. Place the gift in the bag, making sure that your carry bag is the right size for the gift. Not sure which size bag to choose? Check out our bag size guide.

Recycled #16 Paris Paper Twist Handle Bag

Item: C493S0009

AUD 102.11 / Carton (200) | AUD 0.51 EA

Recycled #18 Sydney Paper Twist Handle Bag

Item: C210S0009

AUD 123.75 / Carton (200) | AUD 0.62 EA

New Sale Wedgewood Tissue Paper

Item: F815S0384

AUD 89.10 AUD 178.20 / Carton (500) | AUD 0.18 EA

New Sale Multi Spot Tissue Paper

Item: F815S0399

AUD 135.00 AUD 270.00 / Carton (500) | AUD 0.27 EA

Choose paper this Mother's Day.

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