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Packaging fit for a king this Father's Day

Packaging fit for a king this Father’s Day

Dad jokes are terrible, but that doesn’t mean your packaging has to be.

Whether it’s a good book, clothing, gadgets, or a bottle of red wine, we have the packaging solution for you this Father’s Day. We recommend you check out our wine and bottle range, carry bags and wrapping paper & tissue for an extra special touch.

Wine and Bottle Range for Dad's favourite drop

Our wine and bottle range includes carry bags, carry cartons, sturdy shipping cartons for those online orders, as well as durable bottle bags. The range provides an off-the-shelf packaging solution, giving you the opportunity to customise with stamps and labels.

Our friends at Oakdene Wines think the range is pretty great too. Here’s what they had to say:

We've been using PaperPak products forever and we’ve never had any issues. The quality and reliability of the bags is important, especially when carrying bottles of wine! We love having a stock range of products to choose from that doesn’t skimp on quality. We rely on these bags to carry our products and brand and so far they haven’t let us down.
Oakdene Wines, Victoria

C034S0010N_PAPERPAK_1_BOTTLE_BAG_ROPE_HANDLE_BROWN Best Seller 1 Bottle Bag - Rope Handle

Item: C034S0010N

AUD 85.14 / Carton (120) | AUD 0.71 EA


Item: M693S0010

AUD 78.50 / Carton (50) | AUD 1.57 EA


Item: C348S0010N

AUD 101.62 / Carton (120) | AUD 0.85 EA


Item: C502S0010N

AUD 101.62 / Carton (120) | AUD 0.85 EA

Carry Bags for every type of gift

Carry items of all shapes and sizes with our wide variety of carry bags. They’re Sustainable, Recyclable and Aussie made. Too many to choose from? Keep it simple and stay on trend with with our brown recycled carry bags - perfect for a rustic look! Or, opt for a stylish black or white.

Best Seller Recycled #75 Flat Fold Handle Bag

Item: C167S0010C

Price on enquiry / Carton (200)

C493S0001_PAPERPAK_#16_PARIS_PAPER_TWIST_HANDLE_BAG_WHITE #16 Paris Paper Twist Handle Bag

Item: C493S0001

Price on enquiry / Carton (250)

Wrapping Paper & Tissue for a finishing touch

Enhance your retail experience this Father’s Day with wrapping paper and tissue available in a selection of colours and patterns. You can use the tissue to gift wrap your products, or as a form of packing filler. Placing tissue paper in one of our carry bags, is also a great way to add the perfect finishing touch, helping with positive customer reviews and repeat business.


Item: F379S0029

AUD 54.93 / Pack (1) | AUD 54.93 EA


Item: F379S0001A

AUD 54.93 / Pack (1) | AUD 54.93 EA


Item: F379S0120

AUD 54.93 / Pack (1) | AUD 54.93 EA

E423S0010_PAPERPAK_WRAPPING_PAPER_300M_ROLL_KRAFT Wrapping Paper 300M Roll

Item: E423S0010

AUD 160.66 / Each (1) | AUD 160.66 EA

At PaperPak, we’d like to celebrate all of the Dad’s (and their jokes) this Father’s Day by offering
15% off our entire wine and bottle range, selected carry bags and tissue for a limited time only!

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