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PaperPak's New Recycled Luxury Carry Bags are Here

Introducing the Luxe Range

We have just launched our new Luxe range of carry bags with exciting features brand new to PaperPak. Doing away with the typical glossy finish and ribbon handles previously popular among premium retail brands, these recyclable paper bags feature a stylish linear textured finish and premium webbed double-layer paper handles. Not only leaving a premium impression, these eco-friendly bags also offer a sustainable impact and are a great alternative to plastic bags. 

With zero gloss coating and handles made of webbed paper, these premium paper bags are entirely kerb-side recyclable, removing the need to disassemble the handles and deconstruct the bag before recycling.

New Paper Handles



In a first for PaperPak, we introduce the webbed paper handles. These handles are made by weaving together paper cords in a criss-cross pattern to create a webbed structure. The pattern of these handles provides strength and flexibility, giving them the look and feel of a fabric or ribbon handle. PaperPak’s stock range of Luxe Carry Bags features this kind of handle in a premium double-layer, offering extra strength and a premium finish. 

We asked Lisa Baker, PaperPak’s Manager of Customer Sales, how the Luxe carry bag came to be -

We wanted a premium bag that was totally recyclable, whilst still being comfortable to hold and fit for purpose. The double paper web handle is strong, looks great and is comfortable to carry, the slightly longer handle also allows you to put over your shoulder and carry under your arm.

Our small and large are the most popular sizes that we have in our paper twist handle range. The medium size is new to us, we felt we needed an in between size to complete the range. We like the landscape shape of the new bags as we feel this enhances the premium look.

Get Them Customised

Custom printing is where these Luxe bags really shine. These bags can be printed with your design to showcase your brand. You can choose from 100 unique handle colours to match your design and choose from 6 various handle widths across 3 designs; rope style, single and double layer. Contact us to find out more about how you can get your own custom printed bags.

How to Recycle PaperPak's Paper Bags

Any paper item that is free of contaminants can be recycled at home or in special recycling centres. PaperPak's bags are entirely paper which means that they can be discarded in the yellow recycling bins.

Paper bags can also be composted as long as the paper is not glossy or coloured. We recommend recycling any paper bag rather than composting, as composting is great for food-soiled packaging because it adds nutrients to the compost, improving its quality. But for clean paper bags, recycling is better. It turns waste into new products and helps the environment by creating a circular economy.

New Small Luxe Carry Bag

Item: C234S0001

AUD 105.00 / Carton (100) | AUD 1.05 EA

New Medium Luxe Carry Bag

Item: C288S0010

AUD 120.00 / Carton (100) | AUD 1.20 EA

New Medium Luxe Carry Bag

Item: C288S0001

AUD 125.00 / Carton (100) | AUD 1.25 EA

New Large Luxe Carry Bag

Item: C577S0010

AUD 140.00 / Carton (100) | AUD 1.40 EA

New Premium Recyclable Bags FAQ

Are the handles really paper?

Yes, handles are created by weaving paper.

What is the weight rating?

The Luxe bags can hold up to 5KG.

Do I have to remove the handles when putting them in the recycling bin?

No, these bags have the ARL for the entire bag and can be fully recycled as is. 

Can these be composted?

Yes, these bags are compostable as well as recyclable.

Which is the best end of life solution given these bags are both recyclable and compostable?

Recycling is the better option for these bags. Composting is ideal for food spoiled packaging because this adds nutrients and in turn improves the quality of the finished compost. For a paper bag with no food soilage, recycling is a better choice as the waste can be converted into new products and contribute to a circular economy.

Does this range replace the existing rope handle laminated bags?

Yes, in a move towards more sustainable retail packaging the new luxe range will be replacing the less sustainable rope handle laminated bags.

Can I have these custom printed?

You can! Contact us to find out how.

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