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Which bag for what?

Which bag for what?

As Australia’s largest paper bag manufacturer with the biggest recyclable retail packaging range in Australia and New Zealand, we have carry bags that are suitable for a wide range of items. We even have a bag that snuggly fits a shoebox!

To help you choose the right bag for your products, we’ve put together a handy size guide which includes items we recommend for each bag size and type. You can find out more about the guide and download a copy by visiting our page here.

The history behind the product names

PaperPak ranges over 60 different carry bags. Customers can choose from a variety of sizes, colours and handle types. When it comes to product names such as #2, #11, #16, you might be wondering, what does it all mean?

To find out more about PaperPak's history, we had a chat with Sascha Detmold Cox, who has been an instrumental part of the PaperPak brand since its establishment in 1989.

The #16 was the foundation size and this size was based on the American terminology of 16 pound, which used to mean that it could hold 16 pounds!

Sascha talked about the approach they took to name the other sizes over time, which was to simply increase or decrease the numbers, but always in multiples of 2. For example, #18, #22, #24, #26. "The even numbers were all portrait sizes and then we wanted to launch some landscape sizes so we had the odd range to be able to use #23, #11," Sascha said.

Why does it matter?

Choosing the right sized carry bag for your product is equally as important as the product itself. No matter how fantastic your product is, if the packaging isn't right, your product and business might be perceived poorly.

While it might be tempting to squish several larger items into a small paper carry bag to cut costs or save on storage space, this could cause the bag to tear in several places and items to fall out, resulting in a poor customer experience and negative reviews. In contrast, placing small items such as jewellery and makeup in a large carry bag is also something you want to avoid, particulary as it might be viewed as excessive and wasteful by your customers.

PaperPak's bag size guide is here to help you on the journey to the right sized carry bag for you and your business. Download the guide or click below to find out more information.

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