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The Luxe Range

Discover our new premium embossed paper retail shopping bags.

Featuring a stylish linear textured finish and premium webbed double-layer paper handles, these retail shopping bags offer a premium impression with sustainable impact. Entirely kerbside recyclable and available in small, medium, and large sizes, in 180gsm white or brown kraft with matching handles, our paper bags seamlessly blend sustainability with premium quality for an elevated gift-giving experience.


100% of the fibre in these bags is recyclable.

The Luxe Range of Webbed Paper Handle Carry Bags are crafted from unlined paper fibre, providing a compostable, kerbside recyclable, and stylish solution. Featuring the ARL logo on the base of each bag, customers can be assured of their environmental commitment. With custom print options available, including a choice of 100 unique handle colours in various widths and handle designs, the ability to elevate this premium retail shopping bag range is endless.

PPK_Luxe Range Icons Image_600x150px.png

New Small Luxe Carry Bag

Item: C234S0001

AUD 105.00 / Carton (100) | AUD 1.05 EA

New Small Luxe Carry Bag

Item: C234S0010

AUD 100.00 / Carton (100) | AUD 1.00 EA

New Medium Luxe Carry Bag

Item: C288S0001

AUD 125.00 / Carton (100) | AUD 1.25 EA

New Medium Luxe Carry Bag

Item: C288S0010

AUD 120.00 / Carton (100) | AUD 1.20 EA

New Large Luxe Carry Bag

Item: C577S0001

AUD 145.00 / Carton (100) | AUD 1.45 EA

New Large Luxe Carry Bag

Item: C577S0010

AUD 140.00 / Carton (100) | AUD 1.40 EA