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The 3 packaging trends that are here to stay

Our PaperPak team recently attended the Reed Gift Fairs and got face-to-face with existing and potential customers. We took note of what is most important to you when looking for paper packaging designs this year.

Product packaging design trends come and go but there are a few that return year after year, these trends are slowly becoming the standard in the packaging industry that you should be taking note of.

Sustainability is a must.

A common theme in recent years with inflation, climate change and new regulations, recycling and waste reduction has been at the forefront of everyone's minds. Moving forward this is not going to change. We are seeing ongoing demand for businesses to make a conscious switch to sustainable paper packaging both in-store and in delivery.

Lose the plastic wraps and packing peanuts and opt for recyclable bags, wrapping and padding options such as tissue paper that use raw, sustainable materials. Sustainability is a packaging design trend that doesn't just keep up with the latest packaging design trends but will continue to be relevant in the future.

C285S0010_PAPERPAK_#10_SMALL_PETITE_PAPER_TWIST_HANDLE_BAG_BROWN Sale Best Seller Recycled #10 Small Petite Paper Twist Handle Bag

Item: C285S0010B

AUD 50.83 AUD 101.65 / Carton (250) | AUD 0.20 EA


Item: F379S0263

AUD 54.93 / Pack (1) | AUD 54.93 EA

Sale White Premium Tissue Paper

Item: F594S0001

AUD 48.06 AUD 68.66 / Pack (1) | AUD 48.06 EA

Sale Oval Label

Item: Y994S0151

AUD 35.15 AUD 46.86 / Carton (500) | AUD 0.07 EA

Minimalist design and natural colours.

In keeping with the need for sustainable packaging, consumers are seeking their packaging to also look the part. After all, you should go for smart packaging solutions that help you reduce your carbon footprint without compromising your brand identity. It's essential to understand what visual elements and packaging trend is popular so that your product's packaging can resonate with your customers and ensure your product stand out.

We are continuing to see the rise of modern minimalist design and natural colourways. Think clean-cut shapes and brown paper bags with earthy pops of colour. PaperPak's value olive tissue paper has been an eye-catcher at recent trade fairs. The best thing about brown paper is they don't just offer sustainable but textured packaging as well. Instead of just "looking" the part, they also "feel" the part.

100% Recycled Small Mailing Pack

Item: Q903P1197

AUD 25.00 / Carton (25) | AUD 1.00 EA

Small Postage Satchel

Item: B670S0010

Price on enquiry / Carton (100)


Item: Q903S0010

AUD 13.73 AUD 27.46 / Pack (100) | AUD 0.14 EA


Item: E097S0010

AUD 79.64 / Each (1) | AUD 79.64 EA


Even with the return of minimalism, brand and personalisation are still highly important to the consumer experience. Your branding is the first form of communication with your customer and can act as a form of advertising when your brand is custom printed on your carry bags. Personalized packaging can showcase your brand's creativity and message.

You can also try sealing your eCommerce packaging with a label and leaving a ‘Thank you’ card to give your customer that personalised touch. Something as simple as this can elevate your brand experience and build a feeling of connection with your customer.

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