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Packaging Trends: Interactivity is on the Rise

Trends and Insights

The packaging industry is experiencing a revolution as more and more brands adopt active and intelligent packaging solutions to enhance customer engagement. With the integration of technological features, brands can now create interactive packaging that offers numerous benefits to both the consumers and the manufacturers.

Packaging Trends: Packaging with Value

Trends and Insights

As the cost of living continues to rise globally, consumers are turning towards affordable food and drinks that provide more than just sustenance. Nutritional benefits have become a priority, with consumers valuing products that offer clarity, nutrition, convenience and versatility.

Packaging Trends: Transparency is Key

Trends and Insights

In today's world, conscious consumers are increasingly concerned about the impact of their choices on the environment, and as a result, they are seeking to understand where, how and what their packaging is made from. This shift in consumer behaviour will force brands to be more transparent about their practices, including providing straightforward, honest information on pack to enable consumers to make informed selections.

2023 Packaging Trends Report

Trends and InsightsNews

2023 is presenting several global trends that will impact the packaging industry, influencing raw materials and design innovation. As an industry leader in innovative packaging, we unpack our predictions for what's to come in the year ahead.

1-10 of 10

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Updating articles