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Packaging Trends: Interactivity is on the Rise

The packaging industry is experiencing a revolution as more and more brands adopt active and intelligent packaging solutions to enhance customer engagement. With the integration of technological features, brands can now create interactive packaging that offers numerous benefits to both the consumers and the manufacturers.

Personalise the experience

One of the significant advantages of interactive packaging is its ability to create enhanced unboxing experiences that not only catch the consumers' attention but also provide them with personalised experiences. By utilising digital platforms and technologies, consumers can customise their packaging, select their designs, add initials and even engage with augmented reality and virtual reality features.

Code it

The trend of QR codes is also becoming more popular as a tool for educating consumers about the product and brand or finding more information about the product's origin, ingredients and sustainability practices. Brands can also utilise smart packaging technologies that incorporate sensors or other features that provide consumers with further information about the product.

In addition to providing an interactive experience, leading brands are using technology to communicate key sustainability messages to their customers. For instance, a QR code on the packaging can direct consumers to more information about the company's sustainability strategy or roadmap to achieve Towards 2025 national packaging targets.

It’s for everyone

Another important aspect of intelligent and active packaging is accessibility, utilising technologies that allow for inclusivity, considering ranging abilities, languages, cultures, age, gender and more. Brands that make it easy for everyone to access their products, understand the product's purpose/usage and connect with their brand will remain ahead of their competitors. For example, in 2020 for World Sight Day, Kellogg's partnered with the Royal National Institute of Blind People to create Coco Pops boxes designed to assist blind and partially sighted people. The boxes featured a code that, when scanned, played back printed on-pack information.


Intelligent and active packaging is a trend that offers brands the opportunity to create enhanced customer experiences, strong brand connections and trust. By utilising technology, brands can communicate their key messages to consumers, educate them about their products and remain competitive. As the industry continues to evolve, the potential for innovative packaging solutions is endless, and it is essential for brands to stay ahead of the curve to meet the ever-changing needs of consumers.

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