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Steve's Place chooses paper to play their part

Steve's Place chooses paper to play their part

World Environment Day is celebrated on June 5 each year and is a day to encourage worldwide awareness and action to protect our environment. In the lead up to this significant day, we chat with Sam from Steve’s Place, an iconic surf shop in Robe, a small coastal town located in the Limestone Coast of South Australia.

Sam talked about his businesses journey using the paper bag, why they opted for PaperPak custom print, as well as how they demonstrate their commitment to helping the environment by ranging certain brands

Why did you choose PaperPak for your packaging solutions?

“Steve’s Place originally used plain brown bags from a different supplier. Our staff used to stamp the logo (pictured below) on each individual paper bag. We soon realised the costs and inefficiencies around this and moved to PaperPak a few years ago now,” Sam said.

Steve’s Place currently utilises PaperPak’s custom print option on their carry bag. What made you choose Custom print?

“We decided to go with PaperPak's custom print option because in a small tourist town like Robe, you see quite a few different bags around the place that are usually plain brown, black or white, so we wanted our brand to stand out on the bag when customers were walking down the street,” Sam said.

Image of a stamp with the Steve's Place logo

Image supplied by Steve's Place

How does Steve’s Place demonstrate its commitment to the environment?

“We range a few different environmentally focussed surf brands in-store. For example, a brand called Patagonia use plastic bottles and cotton scraps to make tees and hoodies…oh and Futures make surfboard fins out of old fishing nets!” Sam said. He mentioned that their custom print paper carry bags are often reused for kids activities. “The kids like to colour in the waves on the bag,” Sam said.

Sam also talked about how the surf industry as a whole is continually moving forward and exploring different avenues to do better regarding sustainability.

World Environment Day is a fantastic opportunity to make a positive change. Why not start by choosing recycled paper to carry your items?

Our recycled carry bags are made from premium grade recycled kraft paper and are available in a range of popular sizes. Even better, they’re made right here in Australia and are completely compostable, recyclable and sustainable. They're an environmentally responsible option and don't clog up the ocean and threaten marine life. Whilst we are unable to turn back time, we can be part of the generation that can make peace with nature.

Image of paper carry bag sitting on a porch near the front door

Image supplied by Steve's Place

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