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Queensland Plastics Ban

Banning plastic bags is about protecting our environment for now and future generations. Close to one billion single-use lightweight plastic shopping bags are used in Queensland each year. The majority of these end up in landfill, however around 16 million bags enter the environment every year in Queensland. 

As you may be aware, in June 2022, the Queensland Government released five-year roadmap for action on single-use plastic items. The Queensland Government has charted a progressive approach over the next 5 years to reduce the environmental impact of plastics.

Important Reminder: Queensland Plastics Ban - Effective 1 September, 2023

Beginning 1 September, 2023, the following items will be prohibited:

  • Plastic Shopping Bags: Must meet two new requirements - minimum 80% recycled content and reusability test.
  • Loose-fill EPS Packaging
  • Cotton Buds with Plastic Stems
  • Plastic Microbeads: Found in rinse-off personal care or cleaning products.
  • Balloon Releases

Please note that organization-wide exemptions permitted in the 2021 ban do not apply in the 2023 ban.


Helping You Navigate the Future of Sustainable Packaging

At PaperPak, we are committed to working with businesses to achieve the best environmental outcomes while minimizing unnecessary impacts to your operations. We share the Queensland Government's dedication to an education-first approach and a sustainable future.

We promote the use of our strong, reusable, and recyclable paper bags instead of plastic. We help your brand reduce its carbon footprint by providing you with sustainable packaging solutions that can help carry your brand further.

Image of four paper bags with different handle types. One has a rope handle, another a paper folded handle, one has a paper twist handle and another has a die-cut handle.

The Sustainable Solution

Made from a renewable resource, paper bags provide the perfect alternative to single-use plastic bags.

Unlike other alternatives, paper bags are:

  • reusable
  • recyclable
  • compostable

When made from quality, sustainable raw materials, paper bags offer equal or better strength than their plastic equivalents.

These bags have multiple end of life options - that mean they won’t contribute to environmental damage, making them a truly sustainable solution when sourced from an ethical manufacturer.

Paper bags can be easily and economically printed, stamped or stickered for retailers to easily add brand messaging to their bags.

Image of an pen plastic bag
Image of an open paper bag

Paperpak Recycled #28 Rio Twist Handle Carry Bag

  • Carrying up to 10kg
  • Wide gusset allows for bulky items, stands upright on counter for easy filling
  • This bag is perfect for European Pillows, Manchester, Dinner Sets, Tote Bags, Electronics, Small Appliances
Image of an open white plastic bag
Image of wide based paper bag

Paperpak #80 Carry Bag

  • Carrying up to 10kg
  • Strong and durable
  • Ideal for wider items, and handles folded inside allows for smaller outer cartons for easy in-store storage


Our bag alternatives