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The many lives of paper

November 13, 2019

Did you know paper can be recycled up to seven times? We choose paper as a sustainable option for single-use packaging.

In celebrating the seven potential lives of paper, we're proud to present seven ways that you can home-recycle one of our paper carry bags.

1. Your next shopping list

Not only do paper bags provide a great reusable bag option, but you can also write your shopping list directly onto the bag, a handy way to make sure you don't forget anything. 

2. A gift bag

Finished with your plain kraft bag? Add a touch of colour with paper cut-outs, stickers or even ribbon to give your bag new life as a gift bag.

3. Kids arts and crafts project

The only limit is your imagination - paper bags could contribute to a variety of fun arts and crafts projects. 

4. Book covers

Forget film or contact that just bubbles, paper bags make a great cover to help protect school books - and in a plain colour means kids can add their own decoration!

Image of paper bags as stockings


5. Placemats

Paper bags can create unique placements - and once used to help protect your table, you can still recycle these.

6. Masks

As a fun and creative project, paper bags can be the base of a great mask. Cut out some eye holes, draw over the bag, or add other design elements to make your mask truly unique.

7. Ripen fruit faster

You can place fruits such as bananas, tomatoes, pears, peaches or avocados into a paper bag to trap naturally released ethylene gas to make fruit ripen faster.

Have your own idea? Tag @paperpakco in your other uses for a paper bag.

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