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Sustainability and the fashion industry

March 21, 2019

Clothing consumption is on the rise – and the impacts are causing a need for the fashion industry to consider how it moves to a more sustainable model, as reported at the Australian Circular Fashion Conference. 

Currently the industry is responsible for 98 million tons of raw materials to make new clothing every year, anticipated to reach 300 million in 2050 if it continues to grow at the same rate1

And with only 1% of this raw material being recycled into new clothing, the fashion industry needs to consider how it evolves to be more sustainable. 

Disposal and reuse- this is an area where the fashion industry is lagging behind, in considering end of life disposal. 
Max Van Biene- Edge Environmental

We’re pleased to offer a range of recyclable retail packaging options – to provide this industry with a sustainable piece of the puzzle. 

Offering paper carry bags as a core offering, the multiple end of life options for our bags, in either reusing, recycling or composting mean flexibility for a consumer and ease to appropriately dispose of their packaging. 

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1. WRAP  - Fibre to fibre recycling: AN economic & financial sustainability assessment 2019 

Image of people at Australian Circular Fashion Conference