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Choose paper this National Recycling Week

November 11, 2019 

From November 11 Australia is celebrating its 24th National Recycling Week – an environmental initiative from Planet Ark.

The event aims to bring a national focus to the benefits of recycling, with this year's theme of Recycling Mythbusters.

We're proud to offer a comprehensive range of recyclable retail packaging options and pleased to see initiatives such as Planet Ark’s National Recycling Week educating schools, councils and businesses about the importance of recycling. 

Recycling is a great way to responsibly dispose of packaging and allow the valuable materials to live again.

It is also a convenient option, with 91% of the population having access to kerbside recycling1.

Choosing recyclable paper for retail packaging is part of contributing to a circular economy.

Australia’s recycling rate for all waste collected from households, businesses and construction and demolition is 55%2.

Recovery of paper and cardboard items specifically remains high, with over 78% of Australia's paper and cardboard waste being recycled3

According to a recent analysis of Australia's municipal recycling infrastructure, existing collection and processing infrastructure is generally equipped to process current volumes of Australia’s recycled materials.

However, current infrastructure is not well equipped to process all forms of waste, particularly all forms of recyclable plastic and organic waste.

Image of recyclable paper bags during National Recycling Week
PaperPak Choose paper. Naturally Better

This is what makes paper and cardboard a responsible packaging choice, with infrastructure and end markets already in place in Australia. 

There has also been an increase in localised plastic bag bans and environmental awareness about responsible packaging choices, providing opportunities for businesses and consumers to increase recycling rates through a paper or cardboard packaging offering.

To learn more about plastic bag bans or our friendliest bag alternatives, visit Plastic Bag Bans

Initiatives such as Planet Ark’s National Recycling Week are important in raising awareness about the importance of recycling.

For more information about the week, head to Recycling Near You.

Choose Paper. Naturally Better.

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