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Three ways to make your packaging matter

Three ways to make your packaging matter

March 23, 2021

As the weather starts to cool and the leaves change colour – consumers are making the best of the fading weather with several upcoming long weekends.

We take a look at how your retail packaging can boost the experience for shoppers in the lead up to long weekends in April.

Make it memorable

With so many places to visit for consumers on a weekend trip away, or a range of choices on a day of shopping – making your packaging stand out is about being remembered for future trips.

Making packaging memorable is about giving it finishing touches which will make it unique to your brand.

For some brands, this means custom printing, and taking an opportunity to feature their own logo or messaging directly on the pieces of packaging.

But it can be simpler than this, to make your packaging memorable.

Try adding finishing touches like ribbon, labels, or string to present your items in a unique way.

Or pair tissue paper with your primary pieces of packaging and get creative with colours or patterns which match your brand.

Before you know it, your own flair or style can become part of your brand’s personality.

Items like ribbon labels and string can add interest to your packaging
Image of postage satchel with name on it

Get personal

As weary travellers roll into a winery, gift store or boutique – give them the opportunity to feel special and recognised with personalised packaging.

This might be as simple as a tag that you attach to the main item of packaging.

Or maybe it is a handwritten message on the outside of a box or bag.

Importantly, take the time to add this personalisation in front of the customer, to give your efforts integrity.

As they purchase their item, ask them for their name or a fact about why they are visiting so that they feel heard – and express it via their packaging so that it becomes a physical way to remember that personal experience.

Be reliable

Reliability for a consumer can look like a range of things.

It might be making sure an online order is delivered on-time, having stock available when the consumer needs it most, or providing good service when they show their favourite brand to friends or family.

For us, reliability comes from offering quality packaging which won’t let you down.

We’ve designed our ranges with strength an integrity in mind – because we want our bottle bags strong enough to last the test of time of a day of winery tours, our Rio Paper Twist Handle Bag to be big enough to carry large homeware items, and our Postage Satchel to protect your items during delivery.

With a comprehensive range of retail packaging items, and a high priority on quality insurance – our products can help promote the reliability of your brand.

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Make packaging matter by making it reliable - our wine and bottle range is strong enough to carry your brand further

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