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Custom Branded Bags

Carry Your Brand Further

We know how important the style of your bags is to ensuring that your brand is on-brand, every time.  Whether you want a paper twist handle, a flat fold handle, or no handle at all we can custom print paper bags for you.  

 We offer Last Minute Print and Custom Print Options to carry your brand further. 

We have a huge selection of Australian made and printed bags and been providing aworld-class printing service to national and global brands for over 27 years.

Get in touch about printing your bags today.

We can custom print bags across our range.

Here are just a few of our most popular sizes.

Recycled #16 Paris Paper Twist Handle Bag

Item: C493S0009

AUD 83.22 / Carton (200) | AUD 0.42 EA

C598S0010A_PAPERPAK_#22SH_MEDIUM_PAPER_TWIST_HANDLE_BAG_RECYCLED_02_DS Recycled #22 Short Paper Twist Handle Bag

Item: C598S0009

AUD 107.54 / Carton (200) | AUD 0.54 EA

Recycled #40 Flat Fold Handle Bag

Item: C830S0009

AUD 108.25 / Carton (250) | AUD 0.43 EA

Best Seller Recycled #75 Flat Fold Handle Bag

Item: C858S0009

AUD 108.13 / Carton (200) | AUD 0.54 EA

Finding your perfect bag. 

Choosing the right solution for your retail business can help carry your brand further. With our comprehensive range of packaging solutions, your customers will soon be walking away with their purchases, secure and beautiful in world-class packaging.

The right bag for the job.

We have 140 different kinds of bags and there are a couple of ways you can find the right bag. 

Option One - Contact us directly and our expert staff will help you choose the perfect bag. 

Option Two - Or if you prefer to do it yourself, here is a checklist of points to consider:

  • How heavy are the items you will be packaging? 
  • How big are the items? 
  • How many items will be in each bag? 
  • What kind of handle do you want/need? 
  • Will kraft or gloss (a coated/uncoated) finish best complement your brand? 
  • What colour bag?

Answer these questions and use the product filter on our website to find your ideal packaging solution. You can filter by colour, size or horizontal and landscape orientation in order to find your perfect bag. Or check out our handy bag size guide.

PaperPak Paper Bag Diagram
PaperPak Choose Paper - Naturally Better

Consider the environment.

Congratulations on choosing paper bags – a far superior environmental choice to plastic. Choosing paper bags sends a message to your customers that your business is committed to protecting our environment.

Plastic bags are being phased out from retail settings around Australia and New Zealand. Our bags are:

  • Made from paper, a sustainable and renewable resource
  • Recyclable through conventional kerbside recycling systems (excluding some trims)
  • Reusable and degradable
  • Most are made in Australia, giving them a low carbon footprint

But that’s not all – at PaperPak we commit to sustainability in a number of ways.

Learn more about PaperPak and the environment. 

Your sustainable packaging solution.

They're little things that add up - that taken together, carry your brand further.

Australian Made

Australian Made

We are a family-owned and operated Australian business with a manufacturing facility in Adelaide.



We offer the largest range of home-recyclable retail packaging in Australia and New Zealand.



Our bags can be used over and over and then placed in your home recycling bin.



We demonstrate our commitment to the environment and social responsibility through our actions.



Our paper bags will break down to natural elements within 90 days, when treated in a commercial fcility, as defined by European standard EN13432.



Our paper bags can carry up to 13kgs. Bags are tested with sandbags, with a small amount of agitation applied to simulate walking.

We can help you with your artwork.

If you have your own graphic designers, contact us to find out the correct formats for creating print-ready artwork. No designer? No problem. Take advantage of our team of expert packaging designers who, for a small fee, can create beautiful artwork for your packaging to really help you stand out from the crowd. Just provide us with your logo and some ideas on what you'd like to achieve! We can custom print your bags in 4-6 weeks from artwork approval. Then you can start reaping the benefits of having your brand walking down the street, or photographed in someone's social media feed.

High standards

Paper Pak is a family-owned Australian company, with products manufactured in ISO-accredited facilities to ensure certified standards and quality assurance. 

We are committed to research and development to constantly innovate new ways to deliver exceptional service and products. 

Learn more about  our Quality and Accreditations. 


A beautiful bag personalised with your branding is a great way to create long-lasting exposure for your business. 

Learn more about how you can benefit from our Custom Printing capabilities to carry your brand further. 

Finishing touch

We offer accessories to compliment the presentation of your bag. Wrapping and tissue paper, ribbons, rope and labels are all available in stunning colours and patterns, and are perfect for adding creative flourishes to complement your brand. 

View our extensive range of Ribbons, Labels & String. If you’re really looking to make your mark, our wrapping and tissue paper and labels can all be custom printed.

Ready to purchase?

Our online ordering system ensures you can reach your ideal packaging solution as soon as possible. 

Don’t forget about our next day delivery. We guarantee if you order any stocked item by 2pm, it’ll be dispatched the next business day.

And if your selected stocked item isn’t available, we’ll simply give you an upgrade or alternative at the same price.

It’s as simple as that. Let us take care of providing your premium packaging solutions. 

Ready to purchase PaperPak paper bags