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The Little Things

The Little Things

October 30, 2020

All the little things
A great brand is a thousand little things.
All done just right.
All working together.
Collectively creating value.
Incredibly hard to get right.
Incredibly important to protect.
At PaperPak, we’re all about the little things.
Little things like our 15-point check quality process.
Little things like our 99.99% right first-time record.
Little things like being Australian owned.
And little things like our world leading artwork system and rapid innovation centre.
They’re all little things.
Little things that add up.
That taken together Carry Your Brand Further.

Carrying your brand further.

At PaperPak, we’re all about the little things.

Little things like our 15-point check quality process. We deliver innovative packaging that is right every time. We value quality, supported by our cutting edge automated manufacturing to control each step of the process. This includes from sourcing to delivery, where we use our 15-point check quality process to track any defects down to the specific batch.

Little things like our 99.99% right first-time record, even across traditionally problematic products. That is why some of the biggest retail brands across Australia and New Zealand trust us to deliver their packaging solutions. It is quality made consistent – and it is that quality which keeps your brand safe.

Image of RM Williams custom print bag
Image of black and white paper bags

Little things like being Australian owned. Being local means we can understand firsthand the needs of your packaging and work with you on finding a solution. Owned and operated out of our headquarters in Adelaide for over 30 years, we pride ourselves on being a premier packaging company, with the level of care and service you would expect from a family owned business.

Little things like our leading artwork system and rapid innovation centre. We use ESKO — the world’s leading artwork management system, trusted by the likes of L’Oreal and Coca-Cola, to ensure everything we deliver is 100% consistent. And our rapid innovation centre, LaunchPad can give you the edge in entrepreneurial packaging solutions. We ensure your brand is applied correctly across every piece of packaging with a complete end-to-end in-house design service.

Little things like communicating with you about our new product innovations or ranges to ensure you can keep up to date with the latest in packaging solutions.

Check back in with The Little Things to stay up to date with all things PaperPak.

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