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Community & People

We are proud to take care of our local communities.

Corporate and social responsibility is a big phrase for a very simple idea – taking care of the communities in which we operate.

We’re proud to be aligned with the following initiatives.

At PaperPak we choose to have a positive impact on our local communities. Many of our charitable endeavours are focused on local issues, or causes close to our people. Our staff are actively encouraged to undertake their own charitable works, which the company supports with leave time, donations, or publicity.

Ethical practices.

We take pride in being a manufacturer, not simply an importer. 

We are proud of the products we make and the way we operate in our Australian and international manufacturing plants. 

We work to a strict Corporate Social Responsibility Policy, covering fair wages and working conditions to ensure they are consistent with the needs and expectations of our customers. 

We focus on fair hiring practices; safe working hours; no child labour; fair compensation and benefits; and workplace safety in all our manufacturing facilities.

Community People PaperPak Ethical
Community People PaperPak Building

Building relationships.

PaperPak is privately owned by the Detmold family, which has been manufacturing packaging since 1948. 

We are a proud member of Family Business Australia, the peak body committed to providing support and guidance to the family business sector.

Being a privately-owned business, we value our customer relationships, community relationships, and our relationship with the environment.

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